Evil Genius: You can get the game for free right now

Rebellion's studio invites you to start "to rule the world!". In fact, you can get a copy of the Steam Steam gloomy, playful strategy of the publisher Evil Genius.

In order to become the owner of the game, just follow this link and tie your Rebellion account with Steam. It is not known how long the game will be in free distribution, so it is better if you take it faster.

in Evil Genius you play in one of the three archetypes of an evil genius and build a base that contains the Kung Fu Academy, missile caves and laboratories. You hire the minions to explore the corridors, hunting for different characters, make terrible divisions, and ultimately create a device that will help you capture the world.

This is a great option for a couple of weekends. Apparently, the developer recalls that Evil Genius 2 continues to be in development.

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