ExoPrimal-online Capcom player "Excrers against dinosaurs"

CAPCOM announced a new online group on Sony State of Play, and although this is not Dino Crisis, it definitely has dinosaurs. Exoprimal is a joint game in which ex-fighters- mostly people in very powerful robocosts- confront dinosaurs. A reversing, the Capcom announcement mentions predators descending from the sky.

"In the near future, the existence of mankind is threatened by strange phenomena. In the sky, vortices are opened, flooding the cities with deadly creatures of the prehistoric era. While predators descend from above, and tyrannosaurs stomp along the streets, detachments of five brave exit fighters in mechanized combat armor known as exocostyums should repulse dinosaurs who threaten humanity to extinction, "writes Capcom.

P>According to Capcom’s official announcement, this is a PVE with a small competitive slope: the teams of five players will "reflect thousands of dinosaurs" in the setting. The main mode is called Dino Survival, and in it two detachments compete for performing a number of tasks, while, yes, predators descend from the sky, and "tyrannosaurus-rivers" stomp along the streets. These tasks may include a simple murder of dinosaurs, but sometimes they can include "transportation of cargo or protecting a critical point from ruthless attacks."

In ExoPrimal there is also its own class set, with a number of different exocostyms suitable for different styles games. At the moment, four are listed, corresponding to rather obvious archetypes:

"Each exocostyum has a certain role in a battle that can complement the tactics of your detachment. Deadeye holds on a healthy distance, bringing down a hail of destructive power from powerful assault guns on enemies. Zephyr paves his way through the hordes of smaller dinosaurs for close battle. Roadblock, similar to a tank, carries a massive shield to restrain the hordes of enemies, while WitchDoctor makes sure that the allies remain healthy and ready for repeated battle. Thanks to the efforts of the Aibius Corporation, exocostyums can be replaced right in the middle of the battle, which allows your team to change tactics at any time without leaving the battle. "

there is also the ubiquitous AI named Leviathan, which can predict, Where vortices can appear next time (the places where the dinosaurs come from). In fact, she is a navigator and an instructor, but will also lead the story of the game. Exoprimal will be released on PC and consoles somewhere in 2023.

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