Exotic equipment returns to Dauntless

Exotic equipment returns to the MMORPG Dauntless after it was unceremoniously removed from the game at the end of last year. In the latest update, exotic equipment can now be obtained by finding hidden chronicle objects scattered through hunting grounds. After the discovery of chronic objects, they open the task of creating a certain exotic weapon or armor.

The new set of Tesach’s armor can also be unlocked using chronic objects, which can be found on the recently appeared paradoxical fault. The new set of armor gives properties to the properties of "superiority", "predator" and "catalysis" to those players who will be able to create them.

As for the islands, Phoenix Labs made several changes to the islands of hunting grounds, including the addition of a new version Paradoxical fault 10-13 levels called puzzling rocks in which players are guaranteed to meet Valomir.

You can view the full notes to the patch on the official website of Dauntless.

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