Fallout 76: An announced new card for Nuclear Winter mode

At the QuakeCon event for the Fallout 76 shooter, a new Nuclear Winter combat mode was announced ("all against all" for 52 people), which is currently in early access. The new map will be Morgantown, which includes places such as Morgantown Airport and Vault-Tec University.

The location of Morgantown will also allow various regional enemies to enter the mix. There is also a large lake in the zone, which can give players a great way to quickly irradiate and get mutations (in Nuclear Winter, mutations have only positive side effects).

In addition, with the advent of Nuclear Winter in August, players will be able to choose some Of the perks they used, and not relying just on randomly assigned cards of perks. If you get a duplicate of the cards of the perks, you will receive a special ticket that you can use to unlock a new perk for use in future matches.

of a specific date of release of the Morgantown card yet, but on the graphic shown during the round table, it is indicated that it will appear in September.

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