Fallout 76: camera, repair kits and new complaints

The Wild Appalachia 8.5 Shooter Fallout 76 was renewed, which includes the new Deluxe Prostela Camer, the main and improved repair sets and the balance of aluminum. In addition, the developers worked on correcting errors, such as the endless download screen that some players faced, and the user interface functions.

This time the "Pros-Shchelk Dlux" camera occupies the central place of update. When the camera is fully functioning, it allows players to start a special task "List of desires". It is equipped as a weapon, and the attack button takes the picture that falls into your photo gallery.

repair kits received the largest number of points from the moment of the announcement of this patch. The basic repair kit can be found in an atomic shop, while an improved repair set is a rarity. The developers plan to add improved repair kits to the future game content.

anticipating the reverse reaction from the fans, Bethesda said that she was still committed not to include something in the atomic shop, which would give players a competitive advantage. Users believe that repair kits do not give players a competitive advantage; Instead, they call them a "convenient option." However, the developers still said: "If we find that repair kits really offer any competitive advantages when they are available, we will make any changes necessary for this advantage to be removed."

A full description of the update can be read on the project page.

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