Fallout 76: Free game, sales and events

If you used to play the Fallout 76 shooter, but everyone was hesitating in your decision, now is the right time to play the Fallout 76 shooter for free. Free game includes the basic game, as well as Wastlanders and Nuclear Winter. The period when you can play Fallout 76 will last for free until October 26th.

as you pass the Fallout 76, you can also use all new functions. And, if you decide to purchase Fallout 76 after a week of a free game, not only all your progress will remain, but also the game itself and all available content sets will appear on sale.

and naturally events, from October 22 to 26 in The game will be three events. You can get double experience, as well as a 25% discount on legendary weapons and armor.

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