Fallout 76: Nora dungeon and camera

The developers of the Fallout 76 shooter briefly talked about the new Nora dungeon and the camera. According to the developers, the burrows will be open for the players on April 16, and they still work on the camera, so it should be expected only at the end of this month.

But let's about the burrows, a new dungeon that will be added in Appalais Already tomorrow. This dungeon will give you the opportunity to study the tunnels system under Harpers-Ferry, where serious enemies and an interesting task await you. Long before the siege, the townspeople made a large sewer. Naturally, many residents could not even think about living there. Therefore, this place has become a bunch of different rabble. But after the bombing began in the city, people took refuge in the holes. This place has become a good shelter and reliable protection against dangers. After some time, this place was interested in the members of the Brotherhood of Steel, since obscure electric systems began to come from the sewer. A strong detachment was sent to search for a signal source, but they did not return. You can complete the task in the burrows only 1 time, but you can visit them for experience and production without restrictions.

Well, and the new camera will allow you to fill your photo album and make amazing photos. True, first you will need to find it. This camera is located with a deceased tourist who needs to be found.

more about these new products can be read here.

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