Fallout 76: Players ask to create a test server

On July 16, 11 patch of the Fallout 76 shooter was released, and things are not going very well. Despite Bethesda, a long list of corrections, settings and improvements in the notes to the patch, the players find their own lists of new errors, which were made in the very things that should have been improved. Some believe that the time has come for Bethesda to protect their players from problem -based updates using a test server.

two of the most striking moments of yesterday's patch: improvements in the game for new players at low levels and correcting many errors in power armor , are a source of a number of complaints of new players. As part of this huge revision of the power armor, Bethesda writes that players can find parts of power armor and additional elements of power armor, moved from their cache to the inventory or vice versa, when entering the system. Thus, the players will not get stuck in the desert due to a sudden excessive burden, they can also find that they were moved to the station to be near the box and seller.

instead, players report that many of the There are no force armor costumes. The misunderstanding may be that the equipped power armor of the players is moved to their cache, which they may not immediately check. Some players report that their rare parts of power armor are actually absent even after a double verification of their inventory and cache.

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