Fallout 76: privileges and PVP

Yesterday, the developers of the Fallout 76 shooter told at the QuakeCon 2018 exhibition some important points regarding the future project.

The developers said that the project will be PVP and you can make attacks on the open territory on opponents. But the damage that you will apply will be reduced until the opponent answers you.

The most remarkable is that when you start a bilateral battle, the levels of your characters will become equal to make the duel to be a duel Equal, although previously received privileges to persist.

If you still decide to attack and killed your enemy, then all the players will immediately recognize you on the map as one that is wanted. In addition, the victim, thanks to such a system, will be able to easily find you and take revenge. During death, objects may fall out of the bag, but only trifles, equipment and consumption will remain intact.

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