Fallout 76: raids will begin in the second half of August

Yesterday, during the discussion of the Fallout 76 shooter, at the QuakeCon event, it became known that raids in the project will appear on August 20. These raids are designed for teams of 4 players.

According to the head of the JEFF Gardiner project, the initial raid in Vault 94 is "based on puzzles".

There are three levels of complexity to choose from when you take part in a raid where higher levels add a timer and increase earned awards. In the image, you can see a new type of power armor - a power armor with a fern growing on it, which will improve your secrecy.

After you earned the entire reset of armor during the repeated Vault 94 raids, you will receive an additional Bonus. Some awards fall out halfway of the raid, so even if you will not pass by ultimately, you will not leave absolutely empty -handed. For single players who want to take Vault 94, you have an extreme call, although, according to Gardiner, one player can complete the raid without outside help.

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