Fallout 76: starts his first season

This week, the Fallout 76 shooter received his first season in the form of a board game. The first season is called the "legendary race", in which players earn S.C.O.R.E glasses, completing tasks and moving along a science fiction gaming board, representing a race between Captain Cosmos and Dr. Zorbo. You can earn various awards, such as 40 new cosmetic objects, game currency, sets of abilities, atoms, consumables.

in Fallout 76 have always been daily and weekly trials that can be performed to make atoms and atoms and Other awards, but the seasons will unite them into a small neat competitive path for opening content and ranks, which you will surely like. According to Bethesda information, all seasons will be free.

"The legendary race" started on June 30 and will last until mid -September.

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