Fallout 76: The next place is the vatoga subway

The developers of the Fallout 76 shooter shared information about the new place - the subway of Vatoga, which will appear in the upcoming addition to Wastlanders. Initially, the update was scheduled for 2019, but was postponed. For the first time, the addition will add NPC people to the game, which will need a place to live. Vatoga’s subway is one of these places, and judging by the image of the skull, spikes on the escalator and an iso -like flag with the inscription "stay or die", it seems that some raiders have already made it their home.

"Vatga - This is a huge busy city of the future, on the streets of which there are not a single incorrectly parked car, and traffic jams and accidents have long become a cross of the past. The city is built over the system of automatic multi -level parking lots, where you can freely leave and take cars, "writes Bethesda. "That's why you will not find a single car on the streets of Vatogi. Dyuzhins of stationary mines take care of transport and safety. "

and if you play Fallout 76 these days, or look for a reason to return and start playing again, then an event with a double will be held from January 9 to 13. experience.

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