Fallout 76: The Steel Dawn Trailer shows the onset of the Brotherhood

The developers of the Fallout 76 shooter announced the free addition to Steel Dawn, where the fraternity began to create a new department in Appalachi. These fanatics pave their way to Fallout 76 to stop what they consider "unlimited" use of weapons and technologies standing in the way of restoration of society. Therefore, in principle, they are somewhere right. After watching the video below Fallout 76: You can get acquainted with the main players again. About the new NPCs in the video, we can say that they look very faithful to the brotherhood, ordinary fanatics who want, at all costs, to stop high -tech devices. On the other hand, they have cool armor and weapons, so it would be nice to sign up for their ranks, even if you have completely different views.

Together with the first chapter of the line The tasks of the Brotherhood of Steel, new underground bases will appear in the addition of the Steel Dawn. In addition, in the framework of the 3rd season, Fallout 76 will be enriched with a couple of allies, you will not be able to take tasks from them because they will play the role of sellers, helping you with food and healing. The release of the Steel Dawn Steel Dawn Fallout 76 is scheduled for December 1.

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