Fallout 76: unexpectedly an update of the "Steel Dawn"

unexpectedly for the Fallout 76 shooter, the "steel dawn" was reached, which was scheduled for December 1, 2020.

In fact, the update is now available on all platforms. What a surprise! If this is not enough, then the notes to the update also indicate that the fines for hunger and thirst are removed - now you will get a positive effect only if you are full and do not want to drink. >Today We`re Releasing Oour Steel Dawn Update for #Fallout76 Ahead of Schedule! You Will Be Able to Experience the All-News Steel Dawn Questline, Your Very Own C.A.M.P. Shelter, and More!

Patch Notes Can BE Found Here: 6xhmkfnwp4 Ktql1vmqjl

- Bethesda Game Studios (@bethesdastudios) november 24, 2020

Apparently, the morning error meant that Fallout 76 players on Xbox were able to download an update ahead of schedule. Instead of messing around with the return of its games back to the current version, Bethesda decided to simply release the update early for everyone.

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