Fallout 76 will not appear on Steam

Information resource PCGAMER has information that "Beta [is the abbreviation Fallout for Break The Early Test Application]) and the game will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (only through Bethesda.net)" "Fallout 76 purchase page also It contains only the general PC game logo, without mentioning Steam. And today, Bethesda confirmed that neither beta nor a full game will be released on the platform.

"PC version of Fallout 76, both for Beta and for launch, will be available only through Bethesda.net, and Not on Steam, "said the Bethesda representative by e -mail.

This was a real surprise: Bethesda, obviously, would like to promote a wider implementation of her own launcher. This does not mean that this will not happen in the end, but it can be a rather long process if this happens at all.

Another interesting note in the FAQ of the beta version is that if everything is all It will go according to plan, the beta version will actually be a complete game, and any progress that you make in it will be transferred to the version of the release.

"Our current plan for Beta is a full-fledged game, and everything Your successes will be saved for release, "the statement said.

Let me remind you that the beta test Fallout 76 will begin in October this year.

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