Fallout 76: workshops, criminals and much more

The closer the output of the Fallout 76 shooter, the more details the developer reveals to the players. This time, information was published about some game systems that were changed.

as in Fallout 4, in this part there are workshops necessary for the construction of various buildings, fortifications, buildings. The first and most likely the main innovation is the system C.A.M.P. (constructive-agency mobile platform). This is your personal workshop, it can be installed almost everywhere, in addition, it can be like your base. What is the most unique in C.A.M.P. This is that it is mobile, that is, it can always be worn with you and most importantly it makes it possible to quickly move and revive. All previously built buildings in this workshop do not disappear, but become drawings, and accordingly can quickly recover at a new point. This is what makes it possible to maintain what you already started, and in any case you will not have to start all over again.

In addition, C.A.M.P. It is used as a personal safe, it is there that Vagi personal belongings will be stored. To use a safety safe, you can interact with the containers for supplies that are located at the railway stations or the red rocket parking.

naturally there are general workshops in the project. True, in order to use such a workshop, you will have to free the zone from the enemy or take it away.

But this is worth it, because such a workshop will bring you free resources, from which you can build and make a lot of things. In addition, if the personal workshop is only yours, then several players can work in the general and continue to develop what they did before them. the state of its equipment. The better your equipment, the better you get a bonus. Be always on the alert, illness and mutations are always there. To do this, you will need to organize your sleep in a safe place, take food of heat treatment and quench thirst only with clean water. As the Yves of life gradually, your equipment breaks, so you will have to repair or find something new. Do not load yourself with all kinds of junk, since everything you wear have weight. All these details must be constantly kept in attention. And at a certain moment, it is correct to make a decision that to take with you on a trip, what to spend, and what just throw it away. If the weight is higher than the limit, you will be denied acceleration or fast movement. In addition, with an advantage, moving at the usual speed, you will lose the glasses of action. And when they end, you will move not faster than the snail.

development of the character Fallout 76, remained the same. At the start of the project, all character performance will be 1. The higher your level, the more parameters you get. Accordingly, you will have to distribute them yourself. The glass consumption is designed 1 per category of all of all for each level up to 50. In addition, glasses not only pump the characteristics of the character, but also make it possible to apply a map of ability in this category.

that is, the more you invest Glasses in a certain characteristic, the more you get bonuses of this particular characteristics. A map of abilities can be added or removed at any time. The same cards can be improved using their association.

In Fallout 76 there is the so -called teleport (movement), using which you can return to the place that you found before. For moving you will spend the lids. But if you want to move to your workshop, friends or to the entrance to the shelter, it will be free.

The project contains a revival and revival system. That is, if you fell during the battle, your comrade nearby will be able to revive you using a stimulator, otherwise you will resurrect at one of the PRO points on the world card. If your character died, you will lose all the collected building materials, and you will have the task of returning what you have lost.

The world map is now full -colored, with new functions and is on a separate screen. On the map you can find out where other players are located.

If you meet someone in apparatus, this may end poorly. However, if you decide to accept the battle, you can take part in a duel or team battle, having received the cover as a reward. If you decide to run, then the damage inflicted by the enemy will decrease and you will have time to escape.

Do not think that they encourage PC here. Having killed a peaceful player, the Pkashnik immediately falls on the board of criminals, and if other players meet him, they will apply him full damage, and they will receive a good reward for his murder. The villain will be considered a criminal until one of the players kills him. Players do not receive advantages for a PC, but the reward of those who kill him will be removed from the criminal.

battles in Fallout 76 occur according to the step -by -step aiming system. If one player from the team kills the enemy, the whole team will receive a reward. And those who helped during the destruction of creatures will gain experience.

In Fallout 76 there are costumes that can be worn over armor. What makes it possible to look like you wish without sacrificing equipment.

During your trip you can often see various robots or AI. Some of them will give you tasks.

during various events, each player can join when it is convenient, mainly the main goal is the rallying of the players.

in apparata you can request The cargo that is transported to you from the sky... True, others can also see it, and not only players, so do not be surprised if you find except for the cargo, a couple of enemies.

After completing the main chain of quests, you will receive a nuclear missile. Using it, everything around will become poisoned and mutating, but there you can find rare resources.

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