Far Cry 5: The first game trailer and release date

The developers of the Far Cry 5 shooter presented the first video of the project and announced the planned release date - February 27, 2018. A new part will be available on three platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Far Cry 5 storyline will be about the struggle of people living in the Hope Montana district with the sectarians of the court of judgment "Gate of Eden", led by Joseph Sid. Starting to play, the user turns out to be in the midst of the confrontation, and it is he who will have to destroy the sectarians obsessed with crazy ideas, violating their plan, and also call for people to free the district. Which will be filled with new functionality, which will make it possible to create various locations. However, this is not all. The mercenaries that they will call will be able to come to the aid of users. Of the vehicles, not only ground, but also air battles will introduce into the project.

well, and still interesting, now in Far Cry 5 the player will be able to personally create the main character and it is planned to make cooperative support in the game.

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