Far Cry 6: Release date and cinematic trailer

Far Cry 6 shooter was shown at the Ubisoft Forward event during the Ubisoft direct broadcast, and its exit is scheduled for February 18, 2021 in Epic and Ubisoft stores. In the role of the dictator, Anton Castillo in the title role is played by Dzhancarlo Esposito, and in the role of his son Diego - Anthony Gonzalez. You can see the trailer below.

The events of the Far Cry 6 shooter are revealed in a beautiful picturesque place called Yara, where the evil dictator rules. This time, Anton Castillo is an evil lord and the main antagonist. Presumably, Castillo is trying to restore his country, as indicated in the description "intends to return the former greatness of its nation at any cost. His son Diego is devoted to him and helps him in everything. But paradise has its own price, and the enrichment of the country means conquering those who do not adhere to its point of view. " This will probably be associated with an excessive number of murders.

A cinematic trailer was also published, which tells more about the island of Yara.

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