Final closed beta test Blas Unleashed

The final closed beta test MMORPG Blas Unleashed is now in full swing, which means, and this is only a matter of time before the rest of the game community can go to the game. The last ZBT will last until May 17 and will be open to all players who participated in the last two beta tests, as well as for everyone. Download the beta-client or ask for access on the Bless Unleashed Steam page.

In this stage of testing will be a valid store in which skins, transport and other useful items will be presented. The players will be provided with a free premium currency so that they can test the functions of the store and make sure that everything works properly.

"This was a long way," the head of the development department of Round 8 Studio said in an official press release. "But we sincerely believe that Blas Unleashed will shine on the PC, and that our players will like changes that we made in response to their reviews."

Over the past few months, the team made several significant improvements to the gameplay And the user interface to adapt the game for players on PC. The question is whether PC players are enough to overcome the disappointment caused by Bless Online and look at Blas Unleashed in another light?

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