Final Fantasy XIV: announces many new products

This weekend, the Final Fantasy XIV festival was held, which was full of various announcements accompanied by trailers.

So, a new packet of updates will appear in the project, a new elite raid level (Eden), 9 new dungeons, and new information about combat changes will appear in mid -May.

The new class "Dancer" will impose positive buffs on the group, uses dance movements and throwing weapons for killing enemies.

Viier - will not become the only new The race that will appear in Shadowbringers will join them a group of big guys, Khrottgar. If Viier is female class, then the chrotgar is exclusively male.

several new cities in ghostly twilight will also be added. One resembles a collection of slums, and the second is made of glass.

final fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is released in early access on June 28, 2019 for everyone, for everyone, for everyone, for everyone. Who made a preliminary order, and July 2, 2019 for all players.

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