Final Fantasy XIV: Awesome transformer car

If you are one of those who are looking forward to the transition between the Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV, you will have to wait... until mid -April. It was then that the event of cooperation between the two names comes to the world of Hydaelyn. And if you really have not been waiting for this moment, you may want to start waiting, because the only reward that is currently known is an amazing four -seater car that can also fly.

so, so, so What do you need to do to claim a car? This is still unknown; The trailer does not give a more detailed idea of ​​this event, since it was presented at the festival of fans of the game in Paris, but it shows many battles against the enemies of FFXV. Nevertheless, the prospect of having your own transformer car should be a sufficient reason so as not to take your eyes off the event in mid-April. Watch the trailer below.

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