Final Fantasy XIV: opened the details of the “Shadowbringers” update

MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV made a lot of noise last week announcing its next update "Shadowbringers". The other day, the developers held their European Fan Festival, where some new details were disclosed about the upcoming update:

- preliminary orders begin on February 6, 2019

- the official release of July 2, 2019

- the new Gunblade (Gunbreaker)

class confirmed- a new playable race Viera

- the raids of the new alliance (Nier: automata crossover)

- New Primal, Titania

- new tribe: Pixie

The last big performance before launching "Shadowbringers" will be held in the summer at Tokyo Fan Fest March 23, 2019.

Trailer Update Final Fantasy XIV "Shadowbringers"

Viera Race


new area "Great Forest Rak'Tika"

new area "Il mheg"

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