Final Fantasy XIV: Square Enix published a short anime

Given the popularity of the Final Fantasy series and crowds of anime fans playing games, it is surprising that only one anime series was released on the basis of the franchise-Final Fantasy: Unlimited. But the company Square Enix has just published a short video that hints at what MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV would like if it were adapted in anime.

The nameless Mikota is shot in the video, which wakes up in its room In Limsa Lomins, the main commercial center Final Fantasy XIV. Then he goes to the city where the characters of all races and classes are busy with all activities. You have characters who spend impromptu concerts and dance evenings, drive to chocobo, demonstrate random combat techniques or sit in the corner, creating goods.

The main character is initially overloaded with everything that he needs to do, but soon understands that it may simply not rush and do his job at his own pace. Good advice for everyone who first begins to play Final Fantasy XIV, which is most likely the main purpose of the video.

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