For Honor: Hitokiri named Sakura

The MMO Action for Honor will soon begin the next season for 3 years called Sakura and he brings with him a new dark hero Samurai, Hitokiri. You can play for a female hero (named Sakura) or a male hero (Yato), the chitokiri got their name from "the one who cuts people." Like ghostly warriors, chitokiri roam the earth in search of criminals to execute them with a deadly ax of Masakari. On the battlefield, their simple presence extends fear to any enemy, stupid enough to resist them. Hitokiri will be immediately available to the owners of the YEAR 3 PASS when the new season will begin on May 2; All other players will be able to purchase a hero from May 9.

in addition to the new hero, in the third season of the 3rd year, improvements will be presented for Lawbringer and Raider, as well as a new Canopy map. These updates will be free for all players, starting from May 2.

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