Former HEARTHSTONE developers have announced the KKI Marvel Snap

Do you like the Marvel universe? Well, get ready for its new option, since Nuverse and Second Dinner announce their new collectible card game - Marvel Snap.

"More than 150 cult characters Marvel are presented in Marvel Snap, in which amazing works of art From the rich 80-year-old history, Marvel is combined with beautiful, completely new original illustrations to deliver hundreds of collection works of art in the intensive dynamic KKI player against the player (PVP). "

The game is named after The honor of Snap mechanics, which allows players to increase bets and double the awards for the match or even bluff on the way to victory."Games of the mind and bluff inherent in this innovative mechanics create a game that is really impossible to master",- the team advertises.

nuverse will publish a game around the world, while Second Dinner, a studio founded by Ben Broud and former developers of the Hearthstone KKI, will develop the game. The game will be free and will be launched both on mobile devices and PC at the end of this year. Registration for beta testing of Android is open for interested testers from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Check out the official announcement and gameplay trailer below.


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