FORTNITE: Basil, vending machines and "Escape"

Today, the popular royal battle Fortnite has received an interesting update, filled, as always, new content. So, now players can ride a ballpoint, which is equipped with an accelerator and suction. The ballpoint is designed for one player and on it you can do amazing tricks. Being inside the spacecraft, the driver under the protection against damage, but the truth is the enemy to damage the shots itself, and his strength is only 300 units.

Knowers known to players will now issue The product is absolutely free. But the truth is, after the machine gives out the goods, it will disappear.

Now the cross -platform matches in the Royal Battle mode are available in Fortnite. Matches can take place between the Xbox One and PS4 players, or mobile devices and Switch.

The temporary mode "Escape" is added, in which players need to find jewelry. Everything seems to be simple, but now, values ​​are in a special cargo with a safe, and it is quite difficult to open a safe. Therefore, first you will have to clean the place from competitors, and then take up the safe.

Details of the patch can be found on the project page.

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