Fortnite began the winter festival with Spider-Man

Spider-Man burst into the Action Fortnite just to celebrate the Winter Festival this year. During the days of the Winter Festival, a spider-man and an Emja man from the film "Spider-Man: There is no way home."

as for the iteration of the winter festival this year, players can see the usual set of festive content, including The re -opening of the house of the Winter Festival.

"The Nutcracker passes to General Moroz the keys to the house of the Winter Festival, where it will give the players gifts. Every day for two weeks you can open a new gift in the house! Among the wrapped gifts you will find two pickles and two wrappers, as well as a deltaplane, airy trace, emotion, lobby music, loading screen, emoji, graffiti and flag. "

General Moroz will distribute daily quests that players can perform in order to unlock various awards, such as the new Deltplane "The Snowman Board", the decoration on the back of the "Lamorozets", as well as the boards of the Lord of the ice and "Lamodelika". Players can also test cards and gaming modes created by the community to earn additional awards.

The winter festival will last until January 6. More information can be found on the official Fortnite website.

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