Fortnite: blocks violators accounts

When you are faced with a large competitive event in a game such as Fortnite and want to win a prize, you can make one of two. The first option is to spend time, practice, become better in the game and gradually reach a prize, at least you can resist people who do nothing, but play this game endlessly. On the other hand, your second option is much faster and just gives you what you want to get. This is also the option with which more than a thousand players agreed, and this is the reason why they were banned.

a large number of players who were banned on the current online tournament of World Cup Fortnite, who really We won and lost their right to a prize due to fraud. Most of the prohibitions under consideration for an attempt to circumvent the regional restriction were temporary, so these players will return to servers. You can learn more about measures to combat violators on the Fortnite shooter page.

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