Fortnite: compared with drugs in a collective claim

Fortnite’s royal battle remains a fraudster for lawyers, the CBC portal reports, this time the game is pursued by a law firm from Montreal, which requested a collective lawsuit on behalf of the parents of two children who were supposedly addicted to the royal battle.

Calex Légal says they were contacted by parents who claim that their children have become dependent on the game in which they would not allow them to play if they realized that there is a risk of dependence.

The company compared Fortnite with drugs, claiming that EPIC "consciously launched a very, very exciting game on the market, which was also oriented towards young people." They believe that the case has the same legal basis as the 2015 collective lawsuit against tobacco companies for the lack of consumer warning about the danger to their health.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization officially recognized the "game disorder" by the disease, the decision stated in the request, which also states that EPIC hired psychologists and "really penetrated the human brain, and they really They made efforts to make it as exciting as possible. "

even before the WHO decision, Fortnite was a magnet for trial, in particular, due to the fact that he used existing dance movements for his emotions. Several artists began a trial against EPIC for using their dances without permission or attributes.

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