Fortnite: double -barreled, “persistent storm” and dark Viking Ragnarevka

Today, in the popular Fortnite shooter, the 5.20 update was released, which brought the following new products.

Now players can test a double -barreled man on the enemy - only two shots, but near it can smash everything into chips. The double -barreled steamer can be accidentally found in the most unpredictable place: buildings, chests, loads with supplies or trading machines.

The temporary regime "Persistent Storm" has been added, where the players have to strain all their attentiveness and concentration, because there they must be constantly monitored there Behind the map and move towards the center.

In the Battle of the Storm a new character, a dark Viking Ragnarok appeared, who owns super -ability to "seismic blow".

You can read more about the changes here .

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