Fortnite: Flying explosives and a revival van

The developers of the Fortnite shooter do not cease to amaze with their imagination, along with the last update in the game, a revival wagon and a Renaissance card appeared. This thing can revive all your associates whose revival cards you picked up during the battle. The revived hero will return to the battlefield in full form. In addition, temporary events are held in Fortnite. So in "Treasures of Flibusters" you can perform free tests and receive good awards. And the "explosives" mode will give you the opportunity to undermine your enemy right in the air. A number of various errors were fixed, and the damage of a self -loading rifle was somewhat reduced. But this is not all!

on April 13 and 14, the first week of the Fortnite World Cup online tournament will be held, whose prize fund is $ 1,000,000. And the best players will be lucky to take part in the final in New York. Interested? More in Patch.

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