Fortnite: Free access will not open in 2018

Today, the developers of the popular Fortnite shooter talked about the development of the project. Recently, the project has a lot of different new products and changes. As they were introduced, the developers analyzed the influence of these updates on the project and were preparing to open free access to the "battle with the storm." Since the work that is being carried out for its opening has not yet been completed.

, as a sign of gratitude, all the founders of the project will receive as a gift to Zombie Jones and the bony Lady Ramirez if they go to the game during the Fortnite: Nightmares. .

The developers are actively working on the game interface so that it is not only understandable, but also organic.

Now Fortnite will have a new system of heroes. This is done so that players can more flexibly set up their characters. The number of cells for heroes has been increased to six.

In addition, a system will be introduced, the task of which will be in the return of the spent resources after each serious change.

Well, now players can enjoy the pleasure of Measures "Fortnite: Nightmares".

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