Fortnite: fruits, vegetables ordered?

Oh, look, another patch was brought to the Fortnite shooter. New items contribute to a healthy diet, which is nice, but also kill your enemies with poison, which may be less pleasant. In addition, a new temporary regime has been added when the map is slowly covered with lava, and you should rise as high as possible to survive.

"Paul is lava" is a new temporary regime in which the lava begins to fill all the lowland zones A few minutes later from the start of the match, gradually absorbing the entire map. Touching the lava will apply direct damage. In addition to losing HP, you will be thrown. However, on the lava you can build buildings. In addition, you will also receive a small amount of materials every second, and this guarantees that you can always build something, even if everything is lava.

In addition, a trap with poisoned darts was added, it can be added. Place on the floor, wall and even on the ceiling. Look for traps in buildings. The trap will work at a distance of up to 3 cells and shoot with poisonous darts on 3 horizontal cells (4 vertical). The shield will not help you, and the damage will be caused periodically, reducing the scale of HP by a total of 80 units.

by the way, fruits and vegetables that can be collected were brought to Fortnite. Each fruit has its own bonus, for example a banana, will immediately restore 5 Hr.

Fortnite 8.20 already can be downloaded, and you can familiarize yourself with a full description of the patch here.

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