Fortnite: Preparation for the third season

almost came to the end of the second season of the Royal Battle of Fortnite. On February 22, 2018, the third season will begin, and accordingly, the account level will be reset and you will need a military pass. You can buy a combat pass for intra-air currency, which is purchased both for Real and for the implementation of various PVEs. the ability to get exclusive trophies for the game.

the combat pass of the third season differs from the previous number of levels and the number of cosmetic objects, respectively, you will have more rewards.

In addition, the third season will bring the players weekly Testing. Unlike previous seasons, the tasks can not be taken daily, but to receive a list of tests for a week at once. Tests accumulate until you complete them before the end of the season.

More about the third season in Fortnite on the official page of the project.

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