Fortnite: System of complaints, a new campaign and a “fight with a horde”

The developers of the popular Fortnite shooter talked about how the development of the game is developing and shared some plans for the "battle with the storm". More recently, a full -fledged system for sending complaints about players was released, where everyone can complain about a bully in a team in the battle with a storm. All complaints are collected, analyzed, and after which the punishment is applied, if the complaint was objective.

In addition, in the near future, the tank of the valley will be replenished with a new campaign and a new type of area.

The book of collections will soon be expanded And the players will have the opportunity to pull out objects from the book (not for free of course).

The developers plan to diversify the missions and opponents, the project will return to the "Fight with the Horde", and very soon Fortnite will celebrate its first birthday, And this is a lot of events and buns.

more about all future changes can be read on the official page of the project.

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