Fortnite unexpectedly closes its servers in China

Action Fortnite will close its servers in China at the end of this month for unnecessary reasons, although there are many assumptions that this may be due to the more stringent rules of the Chinese government regarding access to the games and the video game industry as a whole. These new rules include the restriction of playing time for minors for 3 hours a week and the "correct set of values", which the game developers must adhere to in order to receive the approval of the government.

Chinese regulatory authorities will also celebrate games with "blurry moral boundaries ", Games with wife -like male characters and games that use Japanese visual styles. "In some games, moral boundaries are erased. Players can choose whether to be kind or evil... But we do not think that the games should give players such a choice... " - the internal memo says.

The Chinese version of Fortnite will be officially closed on November 15. Details can be found on the official website Fortnite China.

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