Fortnite will appear in Fortnite

More recently, the Epic Games developer conducted a survey among Action Fortnite players, are they interested in paying for a monthly subscription fee, which will include access to such content as combat passes, cosmetics and some bonus B-baks.

After the survey, the company decided to launch the Fortnite subscription.

Subscribers will be able to access combat passage, receive bonus 1000 B-baks and an exclusive set of equipment.

EPIC emphasized that only subscribers are available to subscribers, and "they will never be sold or transferred to persons who are not a member of the Fortnite detachment."

Launch of the Fortnite Submissions will put an end to a combat set, which usually costs 2800 B-baks and includes a combat pass plus the following 25 levels-the benefit for players who have more money than time. Instead, players of the level 75 and below will be able to buy 25 levels of combat pass once a season for 1850 B-baks. Levels can be purchased simultaneously with combat permits or at any time after it.

"Fortnite detachment" will be launched on December 2, 2020 simultaneously with the release of Fortnite season. Epic Games warned that not all platforms, countries and payment methods will be maintained when starting, but said that she was working on adding additional options.

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