FRACTURED LANDS: Tomorrow comes out in early access

July 31, 2018, the new FRACTURED LANDS shooter from UnBroken Studios.

the post -apocalyptic world FRACTURD LANDS, having concentrated all its attention on the road and finding the desired resources. Competition on an intensive trip or death in an online bit, where every fighter begins his adventure driving a car. As soon as the gas pedal goes to the floor, dissect in barren lands in search of weapons, fuel and equipment. The danger is behind every angle, and this is as important as your power is important that will help you go through this hell.

as you observe skirmishes, an radioactive storm is approaching that can absorb even the most rigid The competitor, moving randomly, he invades to unite everyone. While this leads to exciting shootings, your car will ultimately become your best weapon, the strongest armor and a real "rescue circle" in the wastelands.

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