Free KKI will appear in the Total War series

Creative Assembly announced the free KKI Total War: Elysium, which will be a great addition to the stunning Total War strategy. When specifically it is still unknown to the release of the collectible card game. But the developers said that first the game should be expected on mobile phones, and then on PC.

, as in any KKI in Total War: Elysium, you have to collect deck of cards and make a choice between famous history generals. Each general has his own unique style of play and characteristics. Among the rulers in the game you can meet Napoleon, the specialization of which will be long -range tactics; Chinese military leader Cao Cao, who uses a subtle calculation of attack; And the harsh warrior of the Vikings camp with the aggressive style of the game.

among the cards will be a variety of groups using guards, manons and warships. The trailer well demonstrates the peak of different cards, generals and abilities in the game. In Total War: Elysium, in addition to the editor of the deck, a variety of mechanics, there will also be a solitary and multi -user game mode.

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