Genesis: New Moba exit

Rampage Games officially announced Moba Genesis, a free exclusive play for PlayStation 4, optimized for gameplay on the controller.

Genesis is described as a moba for the next generation console, and works on Unreal Engine 4 . Genesis has a list of 28 original heroes with many character settings. A single game mode is not ordinary in Moba, but Genesis includes PVE mode for players to enjoy the game.

Another curious addition is the regime of cooperative conquest when two local players share control of one and The same detachment.

"We really wanted to bring the real experience of Moba to the console," said Ray Zhu, executive producer Rampage Games. "The biggest problem, of course, was the creation of a gameplay system for controllers. The keyboard and the mouse have their advantages, but based on the reviews that we received from our testers, I am sure that we are equally prepared and players will feel at home in Genesis. "

moba Genesis is free for PlayStation 4 and will be released on August 13 in North America and August 14 in Europe.

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