GenShin Impact community with displeased rewards

MMORPG Genshin Impact players are unhappy with the planned Mihoyo anniversary awards and contests, complaining that the studio effectively uses fans for free content and advertising, while offering minimal awards in return.

instead of making generous Gifts as a sign of gratitude to players for their support, Mihoyo asks players to participate in fan art contests and promote the game on social networks in exchange for a tiny chance to win an expensive prize or insignificant sum of the game currency. Although there is a precedent when the studios encourage their fans to such a type of activity or engage in things such as the distribution of artistic sets in cosplay to help their games to advance, this is a remuneration scheme similar to Gacha, with which many fans do not agree.

Awards in various competitions vary from intra -game items to iPad, Airpods and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Some of them sound quite nice, but the number of efforts required for participation, and the fact that some prizes will be played through a draw, it annoys people. For example, 10% of the participants in the event "Blessing of the times" will receive an offer of the 30-day subscription "Blessing of the Moon" in the amount of $ 5, and all the rest will receive only 100,000 motors, which, according to GameSradar, can be earned in 5 hours of game.

The first commentary on the anniversary page falls directly into the essence of the matter.

"I can’t even express how disappointed I am the current state of the game," Rayat wrote. "After a year of significant support from the players, is this what you succeeded in, Mihoyo? Web events with a jack? Are you joking?

Genshin still works just because of the players' base. How much would you have lost if you just gave the players worthy rewards? Will this destroy your bank? Will this make meaningless intra -game purchases? Mihoyo, ban me if you want, but you personify a greedy and mean company, and you are no better than such as EA. " Prizes for the fan art contest, for example, include 5 iPad, 10 AirPods and 75 game sets of goods; Mihoyo will choose the winners "on the basis of such aspects as completeness, aesthetics and how well the application corresponds to the Genshin Impact background."

"Our artists and cosplayers deserve more," one fan on Twitter and the other wrote He replied that "it is unfair to give minor rewards for their hard work." One follower suggested, it was probably correctly that the draws, at least, can attract a huge number of participants who will not make special efforts.

"In fact, they deceive the artists, forcing them to do work for free, which The company will cost thousands of dollars to order official design, "the fan wrote on Twitter. "And they can choose [the most] best of them for free." , other awards may appear in the game, since these are clearly "public" events. The actual anniversary will take place on September 28, so Mihoyo still has time to change everything.

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