Genshin impact: invite a friend and get currency

The new intra -game event RPG Genshin Impact called "Travelers, unite!" Gives players a month to get a free game currency, inviting other players to the game. From today to November 27, players who have at least 15 ranges have an adventure can receive and share an invitation code that will create a "friendly connection" with newcomers and give you both mora and the stones of the source as they develop.

players who successfully invited 1 friend will receive 10,000 mora, and 60 stones of the source, when the player whom they invited will reach 15 levels. In addition, you can get another 120 stones of the source by inviting 2 and 3 friends, and if they also reach level 15.

by the way, Mora is the main game currency RPG Genshin Impact, which can be earned during the game, and The stones of the source are a premium currency, that is, bought for real money.

Please note that each invitation code can be used to invite up to ten players, but players can accept only one code, so the use of several codes for doubling (or more) your free reward is not an option. The awards will be delivered through the in -game mail, the duration of which expires after 30 days, so do not forget to pick them up when they appear - and if you find that you cannot get your award after reaching the appropriate rank, wait a bit and try to do it again.

You can invite your friends or accept their invitations to

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