Genshin Impact: The first extension of the card and 2 characters

Update for RPG Genshin Impact "Prince Mela and Dragon", will be released on December 23 and includes the first new addition to the card - the Dragon Ridge.

Dragon Range is a hollow ridge covered with snow, located south of Mondstadt, which adds new mechanics in the form of a pure cold strip: extreme weather conditions will force the players to warm their characters, both in battle and in the battle research. It also includes "unique creatures, lost ancient civilization, an abundance of ingredients, rare artifacts and recipes of several 4-star weapons."

The update also presents two new playing five-star character, Albedo and Ganya. Albedo is "a young but legendary alchemist from Mondstadt, who owns a sword and force", while Ganyu is "half a person, half an adept Sayro-rally, who serves as a messenger and secretary for Liue Tsisin."

One strangeness in this trailer. The character at the beginning says: "Snow gathers at the top of this mountain and never melts, which is a very curious phenomenon." Seriously? Someday he generally saw the mountains interesting, at least in the photo.

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