Ghostwire: Tokyo - 18 minutes of exclusive gameplay

Today, the IGN information gaming portal published 18 minutes of the exclusive ghostwire gameplay: Tokyo, the coming adventure of the first person from Tango Gameworks, developers The Evil Within. Ghostwire exit: Tokyo is scheduled for PS5 and PC on March 25.

the new gameplay trailer published today (you can watch the video here) strengthens interest in the release of the game. The game character is strong enough, so the real aspect of horror does not turn on in itself. It is rather a supernatural stealth column where you need to use your abilities, find bad guys, sneak up for them and use fists.

Of course, there is much more than just fist fights. Your main weapon in Ghostwire: Tokyo is more like "Hand magic. Among other things, the force allows players to strike enemies and, when the time comes, tore their "core", a kind of quick and dirty exile of the demons who turned all Tokyo residents in the spirits who are sucking into the void, which is why this place is such devastated.

Ghostwire: Tokyo output on March 25. Free visual novel Ghostwire: Tokyo - a prologue telling about events in the game is already available on Steam.

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