Grobo: will appear on iOS and Android

2D-platform-head-headed GROBO, where you control gravity, to overcome the dangers and obstacles from the Hot Chocolate Games studio, will be released on iOS and Android on October 10, 2019.

in the mysterious and metal world of megatropol A charming robot named Grobo. Possessing the ability to change gravity and walk freely, Grobo must solve mysterious puzzles to find out about the fall of civilization. Follow Grobo while he reveals the truth about why his world is left, finds memories of those who once lived there, and tries to restore the world.

In Megatropol there are 48 drawn scenes overloaded with dangers, traps and collecting objects. Lasers, hazardous environment and gravity garbage are waiting on every corner, which makes Grobo be methodical in the use of gravity and passing new areas.

Each chapter of the adventure of Grobo is accompanied by a picturesque background and enchanting soundtrack. Each stage also reveals a new part of the history of Grobo, bringing it one step closer to the search for truth that is hidden in his ominous world. Prepare your wit and join the coffin in its adventure to restore humanity.

The main characteristics of Grobo:

- 48 levels of complex and various puzzles that will challenge how you think about gravity

- a deep story full of tenderness, hardships and secrets

- a picturesque, hand-drawn style in combination with a charming soundtrack

- bright locations full of dangers , traps and collection knowledge

The official website of Grobo

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