GTA Online: The next update will transfer you to the Paradise Island

Although the street has long been no hot, and the days have become shorter, but Rockstar believes that it's time to go to the warm lands. The next adventure of "robbery" in GTA Online is special, because this time you will not need to gather the group again. You can take a solo, but no one canceled a group of 3 people if you like to play with friends. This time you go to capture the whole island. Here you will have to think about how to get to the remote island to find and neutralize the famous drug trafficking. According to the developers of The Cayo Perico Heist will be the largest adventure in GTA Online in history, with a completely new exotic location and design. You will have the opportunity to buy new transport and new tactical weapons. And your fun will complement new radio stations with more than 100 new songs.

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