Hearthstone: New Heroes and Prize Systems

December 15, 2020, a major update was published in the Hearthstone KKI, which added to the "battlefields" of new heroes - ancient gods, 10 new creatures and a temporary system of prizes of the new moon, where you will receive a prize 1 time in 4 moves. The prizes of the new moon on the "battlefields" can be different, starting from strong increase to buffs, to the whole battle.

In addition, new heroes appeared:


K'TUN-to-group! [Cost: 2] At the end of the course, your creature receives +1/ +1. Repeated 0 times. (Improves with each application!)


the embodiment of N'zota [passive effect] You start a game with 1/1 fish, receiving all "dying wheezing" in battle your creatures.


give up rage [cost: 2] The beginning of the battle: you add a creature from the Tavern of the current level to your army. You can leave it to yourself.

with a full patch can be found on the official page of the project.

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