Hearthstone receives new cards with the release of a mini-set

February 15, 2022, together with the release of the "Logovy Onykia" mini-set, KKI Hearthstone will receive several new cards inspired by the alterak Valley.

The mini will include 35 new cards that can be purchased in a set of cards "Separated by an altera" or purchase in the form of a set of 66 cards for $ 14.99 / 2000 gold. The gold version is also available for 69.99 US dollars for those who have a little extra money.

as for the event "Battle for the Alterak Valley", the Alliance announced their victory, and all players will receive a free diamond copy Vanndar Stormpike to commemorate the victory.

Patch 22.4 will also present new heroes in the "Fields of the battles", including Vardin Ray of Dawn, Rocar and the Onyxia itself, as well as their friends. New decorative objects of the "Fields of Battles" will also be available in the store with the release of the update, including two new "battlefields" gaming fields and the new completing animations of the battlefields.

"The final animations act for all heroes, therefore Any of your hero, when victory in the round, will use the selected animation. At the end of any round, both players will see an animation of the winning player. The first final animation of Bob is called the "star explosion" and consists of two parts. She shows a special animation after winning the round and even more impressive - when you apply 15 units. Damage or more! In the future, we will add new final animations so that you can choose your own style. "

Notes for the release of patch 22.4 can be found on the official Hearthstone website if you want to read a little. Below there is also an interesting new musical trailer.

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