Hearthstone: returns 23 cards with a terrible seasonal event

Halloween comes to the Hearthstone KKI with a three -week event "Fear and dust", in which unique taverns, the return of 23 powerful cards from the free format to a standard, costume two -class ball in the arena, new legendary quests, a couple of new maps of cards and special awards participate. .

a large shake in the terrible season of this year - "Treasures from the tomb", which will show 23 cards brought from a free format to the standard for the time of the event. But you must remember that these are just copies of cards and they will be deleted at the end of the event.

However, this is three weeks to solve some problems with them, and you will receive copies, even if you already have these cards. This is something that Blizzard did not do before, so it should be fun.

All the details of the three -week fun can be read on the official page of the project.

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