Hearthstone: The first chapter of "Tomb of horror!"

A new solo adventure of the Hearthstone KKI "Tombs of horror!" Officially launched with the release of the first chapter "The lost city of Tol'Vir", in which the hero of the League of Researchers Renault fights with the evil plague Lord Murlokov.

KAR master has a huge health supply that is not replenished between battles, and this is It means that you will not be able to knock them out in the first collision, but thanks to the following attempts, the damage you inflicted will be postponed when you encounter them again. This lords of Kar also bring unexpected murloks to battle - this is true, the "surprise of Murloks" - in the form of cards for players and bosses, which, when they are pulled, cause a random number of murloks on the board.

In addition, heroes will appear Double class, who should give players a little advantage over these new opponents.

hero Renault Jackson and the first chapter of the adventure "The lost city of Tol'vir" for free for all Hearthstone players. Subsequent chapters, you can purchase a set, or separately.

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